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Everything Cosmetic LLC

DIY Lipgloss Kit

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Unlock the world of lipgloss creation with our comprehensive Lipgloss Kit. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a inspiring entrepreneur, or looking to expand your existing business, this kit is your gateway to success. Get ready to unleash your creativity and start making lipglosses that will captivate everyone!

What's included in our Lipgloss Kit:

  1. Lipgloss Base: Choose from our versatile options - the No Oil Option gives you the option to ad your own oils and flavoring or the Premade Option for quick and easy mixing with come premade ready to jar (if you desire clear gloss) (You can also add pigments, coloring, and your own scents)

  2. 10 Transparent Tubes (8ml): These sleek and convenient tubes are perfect for filling and storing your lipgloss creations. Showcase your stunning shades in style!

  3. 5 Pink Top Squeeze Tubes: Designed for easy application, these pink top trendy squeeze tubes are a must-have for your lipgloss collection. Your customers will love the seamless experience!

  4. Fork: Stir your lipgloss mixture effortlessly with the included fork. Achieve the perfect consistency and blend all the mesmerizing ingredients.

  5. Pipettes: Attach the pipettes to the syringe for precise dispensing of your lipgloss mixture. No mess, no fuss - just smooth and flawless application.

  6. Syringe: Use the syringe to add your lipgloss mixture into the tubes effortlessly. 

  7. Thank You Card

  8. Business Card

With our Lipgloss Kit, the possibilities are endless. Create lipglosses that reflect your unique style, sell them at school or work, or expand your existing online or retail business. 

Ready to embark on your lipgloss journey? Grab our Lipgloss Kit today and let your creativity soar. It's time to turn your lipgloss dreams into reality!